Michael Rolon

An Impact Coach using the principles of Visibility, Vulnerability, and Purpose to deliver Impact

About Michael Rolon

His greatest gift, the one that he is called to share is standing up proud as the WARRIOR that he has become. Through that strength, he has found the ability to tap into his voice, energy, and drive to make the Impact suitable for a Warrior.

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Michael will identify your purpose by uncovering the story the world needs to hear from you.  He will help you find your voice while showing you how to use it confidently so you can be seen and heard as the Warrior you are.


Learn the techniques needed to disarm and show up as your true self and face your greatest fears that are holding you back while turning them into your greatest weapon. Michael will help you understand the Value of Self Love and Healthy Coping Skills while helping you clearly see the power in your story and its influence.


Knowing what you are called to do and putting it into practice are two completely different things. Michael will teach you how to take action that is aligned with your purpose to create a lifelong change in your life and the life of others.

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