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How To Tell A Story People Hate On

Before talking about how to tell a story people care about, I think it’s important to address the rather large invisible elephant in the room of visibility. You can always tell you’re on the verge of evolving to the next level when your critics show up and new/old eyes start paying attention to your every move.

Anyone who has followed me on TikTok for a while knows how I handle trolls and critics, I dub the approach troll hunting! Kill them with kindness and kindly address their need to tear someone else down in the most Michael still teaching and serving kind of way and 100% of the time I have received an apology or had them apologize to who they verbally attacked. 

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I have notoriously been honest about not being everyone’s cup of tea,

In fact, I’m more likely to be someone’s shot of tequila than anything! I say that to say the first approach in how to tell a story that others care about is being honest, authentic, and true to yourself.  I love a good fiction story time and time again but even the greatest stories out there that sweep us away are embedded in some form of reality and it’s in the consistency that they use to keep us in that reality that continues to draw us in. 

If I am intentionally putting myself out there visibly and vulnerably then it’s my responsibility to decide whether I fabricate the story and paint a picture behind the rose-colored lenses or if I put on display the raw truth. Both options are viable choices and ones I see all the time as 

I consume a variety of content of all mediums. While the rose-colored glasses approach might filter out a projected image that is desirable, it often makes connecting with the message and ultimately you much harder. Versus the uncomfortable nature of showing up raw and exposed and putting your heart on display which can be hard to do but ultimately allows other people to see themselves in the moments that you share that remind them of them.

The Underlying tone of How To Tell A Story

Make it about them! If you want someone to hear you then you have to meet them where they are. It’s a true artist who can show you what you want to see without compromising their values or intent. So how do we do that exactly you might be asking yourself? How do we tell a story people care about while also telling a story that’s true to who we are?

Here is My process That I will expand upon in the Masterclass:

  • How to Tell a Story that Delivers Value

  • How to Build Trust

  • How to Become an Authority

  • How to Gain Influence

  • How to Build an Audience of die-hard fans

  • How to Create Content for any Audience

  • What to talk about when you have no idea what to say

  • A Live Discussion and Q&A

  • And So Much More…

If these skills can help you along in your journey of personal development, professional development, or your help your business and/or brand then make sure you join us for this live interactive masterclass! 

Everything You Need to Know About How To Tell A Story People Care About, warrior of impact
Everything You Need to Know About How To Tell A Story People Care About, warrior of impact
Everything You Need to Know About How To Tell A Story People Care About, warrior of impact

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