Finding Your Niche

How do you find your niche? What is a niche? How is a niche different than an ideal client or a target market? 

Do these questions sound familiar? Have you been asking them while also struggling to gain visibility? Read below for the answers!

First, let’s define these three terms:

1. Target Market: a broad spectrum of potential clients who can use your services or products

2. Niche: a specialized section of your target market who can benefit from your services or products

3. Ideal Client: a well-researched and detailed individual inside of your chosen niche who can benefit MOST from your services or products

These terms are a way for you to get a clear idea of who you are serving. To create a clear picture of your ideal client (we will talk more about ideal clients and how to define them in a future blog), you first need to identify your target market and your niche.

An example from my personal business:

1. Target Market: Women entrepreneurs.

2. Niche: Women entrepreneurs who are starting their business or rebranding an existing business.

3. Ideal Client: Women entrepreneurs who are starting their business or rebranding an existing business, come from a corporate or executive background, and have the budget and drive to put in the work my process requires.

Identifying your target market is fairly easy, however, when it comes to defining your niche the process can become more complicated. Below I will discuss the steps to finding your niche within your target market (we also say target audience).

1. Sit down and think about what you are good at doing. Or identify the services/products you want to offer. This is most likely the very first step you did when deciding to start a business.

2. What problems are your services/products solving? What does the solution to the problem (also called pain points) achieve for your potential client/s?

3. At this point, you should have identified your target market by deciding on what you will offer (product/s or service/s), who will need your offer and what solution your offer will provide.

4. Now think about: What do you really LOVE doing or providing? What aspects of your business (services/products) really make you happy or give you the most joy?

5. Who can benefit from the service/s or product/s you listed in the step above? 

The “who (or whos)” you identify – that is your niche. 

I hope this helps you identify your niche within your target market 🙂 Knowing specifically who you are speaking to is an important step in the process of gaining visibility! 

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