What Your Purpose Is

Without delay, I’m going to do what most don’t and start this article by telling you what your purpose is, this insight is one of the many things I discovered during my solo 40-day walkabout and because that’s being true to my purpose of delivering impact I want to lead with this insight.

Are You Ready To Know What Your Purpose Is?What Your Purpose Is And How To Live Life With Meaning, warrior of impact

I promise you I can almost guarantee that when I tell you two things are likely to happen.

  • The first is that it’s going to be completely accurate
  • The second is that it’s going to be completely accurate, but you’re not going to believe it because it’s not nearly as sexy or romanticized as you anticipate

So Here Is What Your Purpose Is


Okay, wrap your head around that for a minute. One word. One Purpose. For Everyone, Everywhere, for All of Time.

“Service to others is the rent you pay for the room here on earth” Muhammad Ali

What Your Purpose Is And How To Live Life With Meaning, warrior of impact

So now that we have got the shock and awe factor out of the way hopefully you realize why I lead with the solution. Mostly because leading you on only to throw a curveball at you and wrapping it up would create a ton of confusion. The issue is that most people who give you these types of profound solutions are that this is where they would end, but that’s not really my style!

The second reason why I wanted to lead with the solution is that I certainly have a lot of explaining to do and I want to tell you what to do personally to live into this purpose. If you would like to discuss working together to achieve the life that you always deserved, I am currently accepting new one-on-one coaching clients and would love to discuss how we can work together on a free coaching consultation. 

What Your Purpose Is And How To Live Life With Meaning, warrior of impact

Why Service Is Your Purpose

When we take actions where the desired outcome is only to fulfill our wants, needs, or desires it might satisfy us for the short term but eventually, that hunger will come back for more. This makes living a life focused on self-fulfillment unbelievably exhausting and oftentimes counterproductive. Think about it, when you have been motivated or driven to do big bold things in the past, did you notice that when you were doing it for the wrong reasons you would often meet failure more abruptly? It’s the notion that if you do it for the money you won’t make money but if you do it for the passion you’ll have more than you need.  By serving others we are able to fulfill that burning desire to live wholly by using our gifts and sharing them with others.

What Your Purpose Is And How To Live Life With Meaning, warrior of impact

Some Clarity About Your Purpose

1. Serving others doesn’t mean we put ourselves last

2. If you are serving out of desperation, for attention, or to gain leverage that’s not service or purpose

3. Service doesn’t mean you have to start a business or pursue a new career necessarily 

4. Service is the why, don’t confuse that with the what or the how

It Starts With Why 

A few years back I read the book It Starts WIth Why by Simon Sinek and if you have never read it I suggest you get a copy for yourself. The basic premise Sinek teaches is how we approach action, decisions, and our life based on what we do, how we do it, and why we do it. By reversing the process we actually create a hierarchy of reason that will help us to manage the thoughts, actions, and feelings surrounding our pursuits, and purpose is no different, it’s why people have jumped on the bandwagon of asking what’s your why?


What Your Purpose Is And How To Live Life With Meaning, warrior of impact

Here’s where things will make sense a bit more hopefully.




How To Live Life With Meaning

I have come up with 3 stages that we all must go through to get to a point where we are able to live a life of meaning. We serve our past self. I say it Time and time again because it’s one of the purest ways to serve but how do we get from sitting in the pit of despair to a place in our lives where we can go back into the pit to pull others out…

3 Stages on the pursuit of purpose

1. Victim stage- recognizing you were victimized but not living in victimhood

2. Education stage- gathering knowledge to find the blueprint (where most get stuck)

3. Fact-finding- beginning stages of enlightenment where you realize that you are already living the life you want by identifying the evidence that shows your growth and change, and recognizing that after helping yourself you can now help others.

What Your Purpose Is And How To Live Life With Meaning, warrior of impact

What Are You Going To Do About It?

The action we take to live into our purpose is often confused with purpose itself. So if we can agree that service is your purpose then what you are really searching for is the way that you can serve. I like to think of it as the instrument of purpose. This is where you have to venture down the road of self discovery to find out your unique way of delivering service to others and ultimately creating impact. But you do not have to do it alone, this is exactly what I do with my coaching clients and I would love to jump on a call to talk about how by working together you can live the life you always deserved!

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Michael Rolon

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 Michael Rolon Warrior Of Impact

Michael Rolon is the Owner/founder of Warrior Of Impact Coaching and works directly with individuals looking to find their purpose in life and he helps them make a greater impact. As a Full-Time single Dad and Entrepreneur, Michael is passionate about serving single parents, current and would-be entrepreneurs, and current and future leaders. For more information or to schedule a consult check out our contact page: Contact Me Today!